Refashion/Eco TLC is the Textile, Household linen and Footwear Industry's eco-organisation. It manages the prevention of waste and management of the end-of-service life of products on behalf of the 5000 companies placing goods onto the market.

After 10 years of existence, Eco TLC has been renamed Refashion, one name for all, professionals and the general public alike. The name Refashion recalls founding origins and opens up new fields of possibilities and activities: repairing, reusing, recycling, redesigning, rethinking, reinventing, reconsidering alongside our partners and the general public.

Refashion is there to federate: simple, accessible, understood by all. At the heart of the industry’s ecosystem, Refashion provides tools, services and information that facilitates and accelerates transformation and participates in funding the transition towards a circular economy. Via this portal, you can access each of Refashion’s sites: Professional/General Public/Eco design

01Refashion pro

The Refashion Pro site is specifically designed for the industry’s professionals. You can freely access corporate information, all of our publications, studies, key figures, information on the regulatory framework, as well as documents about innovation, eco-design and recycling.

02Eco design

Eco design in the 1st platform that assists brand product teams to eco-design textiles and footwear, whatever their level of knowledge on the topic. So, whether you’re a circular economy specialist or just curious to discover eco-design, the Eco design platform is for you!


Recycle is the 1st professional platform connecting textiles and footwear recycling stakeholders in France and in Europe.

You are looking for recycling solutions, material feedstock or end markets for your products derived from textile or footwear recycling: sign up now!


This extranet is reserved for:

- Industrials or manufacturers selling items manufactured in France or overseas under their own brand names.

- Importers (wholesalers or retailers).

- Retailers of own-brand products and for directly imported products.


This extranet is reserved for:

- Sorting Operators, operators of an industrial facility that sorts CHF according to its quality, its condition and its future destination (reuse or recycling)
- Self-deposit bank owners (SDBO), that organise the recovery of used CHF by making self-deposit banks (SDB) available to the general public.

06Frequently asked questions

Find all the most frequently asked questions from professionals or private individuals.

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