Marketer FAQs

Looking for information ? The most frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQ.

1. How do I register with the eco-organisation?

Register online on the site. Go to the Marketer tab then click on Register.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as Refashion validates your registration.

2. How can I access my Extranet network?


 Go to the site homepage

• "Marketers" section
• Click on « "Access your extranet"»
• Input your login and password

3. I've forgotten my login / password


 Go to

• "Marketers" section
• Click on «  "Access your extranet" »
• Click on « mot de passe oublié »
• Input the email address registered for the profile concerned You will receive an email with a link enabling you to reset your login / password

4. What's the difference between the profiles?

The referent profile: is the correspondent and main contact for your company in its relations with Refashion. This person receives all of the emails sent by Refashion and holds all powers until the other profiles are created.

The signatory profile: : is the profile who will sign the contract. The name of the contact is that of the company's legal representative.

The declarant profile: : this profile enables the Refashion declaration to be submitted

5. How do I sign the contract with the eco-organisation?

  • Sign in via the signatory or referent profile (if you have not designated a signatory)

  • Click on "View the draft contract";

  • Click on "View the draft contract"; the contract opens in PDF format. When you close the PDF, tick the "By ticking this box, I accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the membership contract" box

  • Click on the "Set up the contract" button. A contract dated and numbered by Refashion is generated.

6. When and how do I declare the items I have placed on the market?

• When?   At the latest, your declaration must be submitted by March 15 of the year N for items placed on the market during Year N-1.
All declarations submitted after March 15 will be subject to late-filing penalties.

• How? You must declare the items placed on the market on extranet
Click on the "declaration" tab, then "declare quantities for N-1"

Follow the extranet procedure, then finalise it. You will receive an email confirming that your declaration has been finalised.
Nb: If you do not receive this email, your declaration has not been logged and cannot be validated by Refashion.

7. How is the total annual fee calculated?

  • The "Regular" fee:

The annual fee of every company is calculated on the basis of the number of items placed on the market during the previous year.
You will find Here the data entry help file which must be completed and attached to your declaration. There are 4 scale codes depending on the size of the documents. See the scale in force..

  • The fixed-rate fee:

A member which in year N-1, generated a turnover (excluding tax) of less than 750 000 euros is eligible for the fixed-rate fee.
You will have to download the supporting document requested in the extranet

The fixed-rate scale (and minimum fee payable) is €75 excluding tax / year. / an.

8. When is the payment deadline ?

Every year, the payment deadline is fixed at 31/03 at the latest.
Beyond this date, you will be liable for late-payment penalities provided for in the contract.  
On receipt of your payment, Refashion will send you your fee certificate for year N by email.

9. What are the existing eco-modulations and their eligibility criteria?

All of the information: here

10. What type of supporting documents must be produced to benefit from eco-modulated scales?

To benefit from eco-modulated 1 scale, you must provide proof to Refashion of the eligibility of the products concerned by providing the tests carried out and mentioning the required criteria on the technical sheet. here

To benefit from eco-modulated 2 & 3 scale , you must provide specific documents see details here

11. How to contact us

Contact for marketers
Narimène Sahli :
+33 (0)1 85 08 42 44
From Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
and on Wednesday from 9am to 12pm