Marketer FAQs

Looking for information ? The most frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQ.

1- When and how to get your Unique Identification Number (UID) ?

When will it be delivered?
Each week, the eco-organisation sends the file of new members in accordance with the EPR law, to Adème, which generates the identifiers.
the Adème communicates the unique identifiers to us within 48 hours. The Unique Identifiers will be uploaded to the seller's company file in the extranet.

Why is this necessary?
The IDU is a proof for producers that they are registered with the eco-organisation and up to date with their eco-contributions, as required by law.
The IDU is used to facilitate the monitoring and control of compliance with the EPR obligations incumbent on vendor.

The unique identification number is valid for 1 year and is renewed every year. (provided that the vendor is always up to date with his contributions)

Is the unique identifier common to all eco-organizations ?
No, you have a different unique identifier for each eco-organization where you eco-contribute

Is there a penalty procedure in case of cancellation of the unique identification number?
Yes, the eco-organisation will ask to ADEME to cancel the unique identification number, for all producers who no longer comply with their legal obligations, declaration and payment of the eco-contribution, and will be subject to the sanctions stipulated in Article L. 541-9-5.

If you are still not a member, you must quickly register here and follow the procedure that will be indicated to you.

Special case of marketplaces: The marketplace assumes the status of producer on behalf of its third-party sellers, except for the third-party sellers who communicate their IDU number to it.

2- Triman logo and sorting info: (last update on 04/02/2022)

The AGEC law imposes the use of the TRIMAN sign accompanied by information on sorting actions from 1 January 2022.

The sorting information sign proposed by Refashion has been validated on February 1, 2022. This sign will be mandatory on all clothing, household linen and footwear products marketed in France from February 1, 2023 (the compliance period extends to August 1, 2023 for products manufactured or imported before February 1, 2023).

Refashion provides its members the TRIMAN sign and the sorting information here, these elements will be supplemented by a user guide with recommendations on the size of the sorting information.

3- Registration and regularization procedure for the EPR Law

1. Make a registration request on and validate it
2. Activate the account by clicking on the link contained in the email sent by the IS when Refashion accepts the registration request (check spam)
3. Validate online the membership contract "Contrat et Avenant" tab (close the pdf to see the checkbox appear)
4. * Make the declaration (s) (Declarations tab)
5. Pay the contribution upon receipt of the invoice by email.

* Our specifications stipulate that any company not registered since the application of the law (2007), the payable contributions relate to the current year and to the two previous years:

- The 2022 declaration (corresponds to sales for 2021)
- The 2021 declaration (2020 sales),
- The 2020 declaration (2019 sales).

Download the "new member guide"

4- How do I access my extranet? (Already registered)

On the homepage :

• Heading « Marketers ».

• Click on « Access your extranet »

• Fill in your login and password

Or directly on:

5- I have lost my login or/and password

On the homepage

• Heading "Marketers".

• Click on "Access your extranet" or directly on

• Click on "forgotten password"

• Fill in the e-mail address registered in the relevant profile. You will receive an email with a link to recreate your connection identifiers (login + password)

6- The difference between the profiles?

The referent profile : is the main contact person in your company in relation with Refashion. He/she will receive all the information emails concerning the declaration.He/she has all the powers (signatory, declarant) except if these profiles are already created

The signatory profile : is the only one who can sign the Member contract. The name of the contact is the legal representative of the company or his/her representative if he/she is authorised.

The declarant profile : is the only person who can make Refashion declarations, and also receives all the information emails related to the declaration.

The Billing profile : is the correspondent who receives the invoices to be paid and the reminders in case of unpaid invoices.

If all the profiles can be filled in, a different person and a different e-mail address is required per profile. The same person cannot have 2 or more different profiles.

7- How to sign the contract with the eco-organisation?


Once your registration has been validated by Refashion :

  • Log in with your Signatory profile, or Referent profile if you have not indicated a signatory.

  •  Click on the "contract and amendment" tab.

  •  Click on view the draft contract, the contract will open in PDF format. After closing the PDF, tick the box "By ticking this box, I confirm that I have read the terms of the membership contract and accept them all".

  •  Click on the "contract" button. A contract dated and numbered by Refashion will be generated. You can access the standard contract here (it is updated every year on the 1st of January).

8- What must the marketer declare ?

The marketer, whether he is a manufacturer, distributor or importer, must declare all his sales in France and in the Dom-Com* (*Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint-Martin), regardless of the sales channel used (Marketplace, website, own shops, corner, franchisees).

Foreign companies selling in France or in the Dom-Com are also subject to the E.P.R. LAW ( Extended Producer Responsibility) and must declare their commercialisation.

The list of products subject to the law is divided into 3 main categories: Clothing / Footwear / Household linen can be downloaded here : Product Classification File.

9- When and how do I declare the items I have placed on the market?

• When do I have to declare? From the 18/01/2022, the declaration must be made before the 15/03 of year N on the releases of year N-1.

Any declaration made after 15 Mars will be subjected to a late payment penalty and must be done without further delay.

• How do I declare? You must declare your releases by connecting to your account on the extranet. Tab "Declarations" then "make the declaration(s) requested".

Follow the procedure in the extranet, and finalise. You will then receive an e-mail confirming the finalisation of your declaration.

Warning : If you do not receive this e-mail, your declaration is not finalised and cannot be validated by Refashion.

10- How is calculated the total amount of the annual contribution?

It is calculated on the number of pieces sold in France and in the Dom-Com in year N-1.

You will find here the file to help you enter the 2022 data (to declare the 2021 sales) that you will have to fill in and join in your extranet.

There are 4 scale codes depending on the size of the pieces.

See the current scale.

11- To access the eco-modulated scales :

- What are the existing eco-modulations and their eligibility criteria?
There are 3 different eco-modulations, find more information here.

- What kind of evidence do I need to produce?
For eco-modulation 1: you have to justify to Refashion the eligibility of the products concerned by providing the tests carried out mentioning the required criteria on the technical sheets here.

For eco-modulations 2 and 3: you have to answer for their eligibility by providing the requested proofs here.

12- What is the deadline for the payment of my declaration?

Beginning 01/01/2022 the deadline for payment is no later than 15/03. Beyond this date, late payment penalties as stipulated in the contract will be applied. On receipt of your payment, Refashion will send you by e-mail an attestation of conformity for the contribution of year N.

13- How to contact us

Contact for marketers:
(Uniquement A partir du 25/01/2022)
Hotline Marketer : 
Du Lundi au Vendredi de 9h à 18h 

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