Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy is aimed at all persons accessing the Portal (“the Portal”) regardless of the type of terminal used (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). It explains the use of cookies on the Portal, describes the type of cookies used and how to manage and delete these. By accepting the creation of cookies via the cookie tool bar or by personalising your choices with our Cookie Management tool, you consent to all of part of these cookies as described above being created on your terminal.


1. What is a Cookie?  

A Cookie is a small text file saved in a dedicated space on your terminal’s hard disk when you visit an online service via your browser software. It enables the sender to identify the terminal in which it is saved, during the period of validity or saving of the cookie.

During a Portal visit the information about how you browse the Site may be saved in the “Cookies” file installed on your terminal subject to the choices that you expressed regarding the Cookies and which you can modify at any time.

The cookies thereby allow the site visited to control, save and recover information on your browsing behaviour as well obtaining technical disclosures on the site’s browsability. In this respect, cookies allow customised services such as improving functionality, user-friendliness and accessibility of the web pages concerned to be sent to you.

The Cookies emitted on the Portal are used for the above-mentioned purposes during the concerned Cookie’s period of validity depending on you choices resulting from your browser software’s settings used during your visit to the Portal and which you can modify at any time.

Third-party cookies are likely to be placed elsewhere on your computer.  

Only the Cookie’s sender is likely to read or modify information that is contained therein. Different types of Cookies are used by Eco TLC and have different purposes


2. Cookie type and purpose  

Depending upon their status and purpose, different types of cookies exist as listed below. These concern our Portal .

  • Technical and functional cookies​ 

These cookies are necessary for the correction functioning of our Portal and are essential in allowing you to browse and use our Portal’s functionalities such as access to secured zones. The cookies are mainly session or login cookies.

  • Analytical cookies or audience measurement cookies

These are mainly cookies relative to Portal visits, cookies that analyse the origin of visits, Portal performance cookies and statistical or analytical cookies. These cookies allows us to recognise and count the number of visitors and the sources of traffic in order to measure and improve our Portal’s performance. They help us to: understand, if applicable, why difficulties are encountered or error messages are sent on some pages; to determine which pages are the most and least visited; to analyse visitor browsing activities, to analyse visitor browsing behaviour on our Portal; to adapt and improve our Portal so that it is more useful, more user-friendly; and on the whole, to improve a user’s visit.


3.Purposes of cookies used on our Portal and methods to disenable them

Eco TLC uses its own cookies as well as those sent by third parties, the purpose of which is to monitor and improve the Portal’s activity. The creation of cookies is likely to be carried out when browsing our Portal.


3.1.Purpose of cookies created by Eco TLC

  • To establish statistics and visit and use volumes for the elements comprising the Portal that enable us to improve the interest and user-friendliness of our services. , 

  • To adapt the presentation of our Portal to your terminal's display preferences (operating system, language, display resolution, etc.) during the visits to our Portal, according to the equipment and display and/or reader software on your terminal,

  • To save information in a form that you completed on our Portal (registration or access to an account or information that you have chosen),

  • To allow you to access reserved and professional spaces on our Portal,

  • To deploy security measures, in particular when you are requested to login again to content or to a service after a certain lapse of time.

3.2 Purpose of third-party cookies

Google Analytics Statistical Cookies

Eco TLC uses Google Analytics (third-party cookies) on the Portal. This analytical service is provided by Google Inc. Via Google Analytics, Eco TLC analyses the interaction between you and the “Portal”, monitors your activity in the Portal and collects data about your browsing behaviour in order to allow Eco TLC to measure the Portal’s performance, establish statistics and detect browsing problems in order to monitor and improve content quality.

Google Analytics is also likely to deposit behavioural advertising cookies onto your terminal (third-party cookies). Google is a company located in the United States. Consequently, the data processed by Google Analytics (including your IP address) may be transferred to the United States and saved on Google’s servers located in this country.

You can disenable disable Google Analytics. To do this, you must install an uninstall option: to obtain more information on this uninstall option, click here

Social network pixels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
With your prior approval, Eco TLC hereby informs you we use the pixels of some social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn in order to measure its SEA campaign audience (“Search Engine Advertising” or advertising on search engines).
This pixel is a third-party analytical tool allowing Eco TLC to efficiently measure its advertisements by monitoring activity undertaken by the internet users on our Site and provide information on where these internet users comes from. You may refuse the deposit saving of these pixels onto your terminal by clicking on the button “refuse all” within the cookies bar or via our cookie settings tool.


4.Managing your cookie choices 

You are free to express or modify at any time your wishes regarding cookies by using the methods described in this Policy.

Saving a cookie on a terminal remains subject to the wishes expressed by the terminal’s user who can express or modify these at any time and at no cost via the options offered by the browsing software.
If you refuse that cookies be saved onto your terminal or if you delete those that have been saved, it is possible that you may no longer benefit from a certain number of functionalities that may be necessary to browse some of the sections on our Portal. This will occur if you attempt to access contents or services that require you to identify yourself.

In this case, we decline all responsibility for the consequences linked to any deteriorated functioning of our services resulting from not being able to save or consult the cookies required for their correct functioning and that have been refused or deleted by yourself. In the event that you choose to refuse the cookies on your terminal’s hard disk, the Portal may not function optimally on your terminal.

4.1 Cookie Management Solution

You may withdraw your consent at any time by refusing all or part of the Cookies likely to be created onto your terminal via the Cookie bar, the Cookie management solution or via your browser.

If you do not wish Eco TLC to create all or part of the Cookies onto your terminal you can let us know your choice : 
either by refusing all by clicking on the "REFUSE” link on the cookie bar ; 
or by setting these in the cookie management module called “Cookie Settings”.

You can modify your choice at any time by clicking on the icon “Cookie Settings” located to the right of your screen on each of the Site’s pages.


4.2.   Browser Settings 

To manage cookie activity or block or delete these, all that you need to do is manage the settings of the browser used to access the Site. Otherwise, browsing on the Site implies that you have accepted the use of cookies in accordance with the Cookie Management Policy herewith. Each browser’s settings are different. We have indicated below how to configure the main browsers For information purposes only, you can find the instructions for the different browsers at the following (temporary or final) addresses (we cannot guarantee the good working order of these):   


PC browsers:  : 

  • Apple Safari™:Click here ici for the procedure to follow 

  • Opera:Click here for the procedure to follow 

  • Others:if you do not use a browser in this list, go directly to your browser’s help menu to find out how to configure it.  


Browsers on mobile devices : 


5. Cookie expiry 

The cookies created on your terminal are kept for a maximum of 13 months from the date that they were first created on your device (following your consent). Information collected by trackers must be kept for a period of 25 months maximum. Once they have expired Cookies are deleted.  



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