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Welcome to Eco TLC / Refashion, the Textile Industry's eco-organisation for marketers. By marketer we are referring to: all clothing textile, household linen and footwear producers or suppliers on the French consumer market.

Declarations : Step by step guide

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Which companies and products are liable?

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How to register and regularise your situation with Refashion ? 

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Writing the waste prevention and ecodesign plan

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Some definitions

What are eco-fees?

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What are eco-modulations?

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What is E.P.R in the textile industry?

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The eco-organisation, which was created in conjunction with textile industry stakeholders, is the result of a desire expressed among marketers to find a solution to the regulatory E.P.R. obligation.

By registering with and paying fees to the eco-organisation, you are helping the Sector on its path towards a circular economy.