| Refashion Pro for a 100% circular textile industry


All producers
or distributors of clothing textiles, household linen and footwear
on the French consumer market.

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All players in the collection and/or recovery of clothing textiles,
Household linen
and Used Shoes.

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To local authorities who inform their citizens and ensure the coordination of collection in their territories and make citizens aware of the sorting gesture.

Compliance with the regulatory framework: Declare your marketings

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Refashion: the platforms at your disposal


The platform
Eco design

Discover the platform
eco-design for the product teams of marketers.

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All of the eco-organisation's reference documents: our press releases, our publications, our innovation magazine, etc.


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to your space




1st professional platform for connecting players in the recycling of textiles and shoes in France and Europe.


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All about AGEC law

The anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC) aims to accelerate the change of production and consumption model to limit waste and preserve natural resources, biodiversity and climate.

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What is the circular economy?

Better produce, better consume, better reuse, better recycle: this is the business of each player in the Sector.

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Find the Refashion webinars to raise your awareness, improve your skills, revise, learn, improve your skills.

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About Refashion

The eco-organisation is a private, non-profit company. It ensures, on behalf of companies that place textile and footwear products on the market…

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Refashion Citoyen for individuals

It provides access to information on the second lives of used textiles and shoes. It makes it easy to identify the nearest voluntary drop-off points (i.e. the places where to drop off used textiles that you wish to part with), as well as sorting and drop-off instructions.

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