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Recycling post-consumer textiles and footwear: a promising market

Seize new market opportunities! There are 1001 ways to recycle used textiles and footwear. What if Refashion could fund your project?


Every year in France, only a third of used textiles and footwear are collected for recycling. In 2022, this represented 260,403 tons (Refashion, 2022). The remaining two-thirds are thrown away in household waste, leaving no possibility for recycling. 

With the advent of new legal requirement - including Europe-wide separation collection from 2025 - these volumes are expected to double. 


Refashion provides financial support for your open- and closed-loop recycling projects, to help you develop them.

To accelerate the circular development of the Textiles and Footwear Sector, Refashion has invested 5.6 million euros since 2010 in the development and marketing of recycling solutions.

How? Through our calls for projects (Innovation Challenge and Industrial Challenge), and experiments (material preparation and recycling) aiming at industrializing recycling. 

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