The Innovation magazine: Panorama of the projects supported by Refashion within the context of the Innovation Challenge

The Innovation magazine

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Innovation is recycling

In its fourteen years of existence, the Innovation Challenge has identified 64 ambitious projects co-financed by Refashion and aiming at optimizing post-consumer non-reusable textiles and footwear recycling. The objective of this call for projects is to make the regenerative and circular economy a reality in the Textile and Fashion industry.

Every year, Refashion highlights these projects in a dedicated magazine: the Innovation Magazine.



Accelerating the pace of industrialisation for recycling textiles and footwear is the major challenge for the years ahead. Refashion is supporting innovative projects and accompanying actors striving for a 100% circular textile industry.

05 May 2021
Refashion 2020 Innovation Challenge
Every year, our eco-organisation Refashion launches an Innovation Challenge to assist and financially support innovative projects that aim to optimise the recycling ♻️ of textiles and shoes and speed up the circular development of the sector.