Speed up recycling

Speed up recycling


As part of its mission to speed up textiles and footwear recycling, Refashion innovates with three tools: the Innovation Challenge, the Refashion Recycle platform and the Recycling innovation working groups.

13th edition of the Innovation Challenge

This year, Refashion partenered with (RE)SET to develop new recycling solutions for non-reusable textiles and footwear. 

Discover the winners (in French only)

Discover Recycle, the 1st platform connecting textiles and footwear recycling stakeholders in France and in Europe


Within the framework of its mission to accelerate clothing and footwear recycling, the French eco-organisation Refashion innovates with a tool that connects recycling professionals: from non-reusable textile feedstock mapping to the identification of transformation processes and the integration of the resulting materials into new products, Recycle by Refashion is the first step towards a secondary materials exchange.


The Refashion Recycle platform eases access to materials resulting from recycling, and the development of full-scale solutions for textiles and footwear recycling and recovery in France and in Europe.

In just 3 clicks, professionals will be able to obtain in a region of their choice, non-reusable textiles and footwear feedstock potential, recycling solutions and detailed stakeholder profiles corresponding to their request.

Discover Recycle here : https://recycle.refashion.fr/en/

Discover recycling solutions for textiles and footwear.


In order to better understand the specific stakes of textiles and footwear recycling, Refashion has drawn up two mappings illustrating current recycling processes.

Download the mapping of products including recycled textiles: version EN

Download the mapping of footwear recycling : version EN


New! Discover the mappings with projects:

Download the mapping of products including recycled textiles, with projects: version EN

Download the mapping of footwear recycling, with projetcs: version EN

Recycling innovation working groups


Study on the industrial potential of open-loop recycling

Focus on two high-potential segments: non-wovens for the automobile sector and composites for the sports and leisures sector. Steered by two experts, the working groups will define the virtuous processes and business models resulting in Sorting and Material Preparation experiments.

The importance of developing local large-scale industrial solutions for the recovery of non-reusable post-consumer textiles and footwear