Speed up recycling

During the past 10 years, the eco-organisation has actively participated in reaching the used textile collection objective. Today collection reaches 250 000 tonnes /year. To achieve this, in keeping with its accreditation specifications, Eco TLC / Refashion is investing in and supporting innovative projects.

Speed up recycling and recovery in France

42% of textiles and footwear sorted is oriented towards material and energy recovery. Today, a vast majority of tonnages is exported in its initial state to be transformed in Asia.
The stake for years to come is to develop industrial solutions for used textile and footwear recycling.
Refashion supports two major initiatives with the objective of speeding up recycling: The Innovation Challenge and downstream working groups.

The Innovation Challenge

The challenge

To recover, in the form of new textiles and / or new materials, 100 000 tonnes of used, non-reusable textiles and footwear per year (equating to 40% of the 250 000 tonnes collected, sorted and prepared from 2020).

A dual mission

To identify and scale up innovative industrial and commercial solutions that optimise textile and footwear recycling. To speed up the development of a more circular industry in synergy with other sectors with a demand for recycled materials (building, automobile, etc.)

Two strategic areas

1. Preparation of materials derived from used textiles and footwear
• Sorting techniques, methods for characterising, separating and preparing materials
• Optimising reverse logistics and scaling up material deposits

2. Incorporation of recycled materials from textile/footwear waste within products for other sectors (building, automobile, etc.)
• Creating recycled materials that can be used by several industries (e.g.: plastic pellets, flocking material)
• Product creation (excluding textile or footwear)

The advantages of the innovation challenge

Open to everyone (in France and Europe: consortiums, companies, individuals, associations, etc.)
Funding for the Innovation Challenge of at least €500K per year, without shareholding requirements or royalties

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Downstream working groups

Focus on two high-potential segments: non-woven fabric for the automobile sector and composites. Steered by two experts, the working groups will define the virtuous processes and business models resulting in Sorting and Material Preparation experiments.

Textiles and footwear: very different problems

In order to better understand the specific stakes of textile and footwear recycling, Refashion has drawn up two charts regrouping the recycling processes which currently exist alongside a selection of innovative projects, some of which benefit from the support of Refashion.

Download the product chart resulting from used textile recycling :  version EN
Download the product chart resulting from used footwear recycling :  version EN