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28 Sep 2021
Refashion eco-design morning

Definition, approaches, maturity, life cycle, news, tools ... all you need to know about eco-design... Only available in French

30 Mar 2021
The eco-design meetings

Theme: Which financial aid is available for eco-design?
Speaker: Erwan Autret - ADEME - Only available in French

11 Feb 2021
The eco-design meetings

Theme: Workshop “Eco-designing a shoe"
Speaker: Gauthier Bedek – Eram Group - Only available in French

14 Jan 2021
The eco-design meetings

Theme: Awareness-raising workshop on sustainable material supply
Speaker: Marie-Emmanuelle Demoures – Balzac Paris - Only available in French

17 Dec 2020
The eco-design meetings

Theme: Workshop “Eco-design for a better recycling"
Speaker: David Leromain – 1083 - Only available in French

21 Sep 2020
The Eco design platform: a tool for eco-design of textiles and footwear

Discover the Eco design platform of Refashion. A tool that helps textile and footwear brands to take up the eco-design challenge.
Only available in French