Key moments and figures

Resolutely geared towards the future since 2008

Eco TLC was created at the end of 2008, born from a desire among professionals from the Clothing, Household Linen and Footwear (CHF) industry and business to join forces in order to meet their environmental responsibility.

Firstly, for member companies, it consists in complying with their legal obligations since 2007; secondly, it reflects a desire to participate in developing new design and production approaches for CHF items which meet needs in terms of recyclability and responsible consumer expectations. In September 2020, Eco TLC took a new turn to become Refashion.
More than just a new name for the eco-organisation, Re-fashion is the proposal of a common project:
To re-think our industry in order to make it 100% circular.

Key dates

February 2020

Submission of the study by Terra on the optical sorting of textiles : available here

January 2020

Extension of the EPR CHF industry to include curtains, net curtains and textile blinds: available here

December 2019

New accreditation by the public authorities for the period 2020-2022 : Official Journal decree

Key figures from the industry

2.88 billion items of Clothing, Household linen and Footwear (CHF) are placed on the market every year, representing a volume assessed at 648 000 tonnes, equating to approximately 9.7 kg per year and per inhabitant.

In 2019, 3,7 kg of CHF was collected per inhabitant, representing in excess of 248 000 tonnes, and equating to more than 38% of the potential deposit.

The objective of the industry is to collect 300 000 tonnes per year.

The 63 sorting centres contracted to date treat volumes which are regularly increasing, from 65 000 tonnes in 2006 to more than 196 054 tonnes* in 2019.

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99,6% of sorted CHF is recycled, 58,6% of which is reused in its initial state, 41% is recycled or recovered (10% as scraps, 22,6% as unravelled fibres, 8% is transformed into Solid Recovered Fuels and 0.4% is eliminated with energy recovery). Only 0.4% is not recovered!

The objective of the industry is that at least 95% of the tonnages sorted are reused or recycled and that a maximum of 2% is not recovered.

+ than 45 000 : it's the number of Self-Deposit Banks identified by the industry, representing more than 340 collection organisations.