Sorting operators

The central link

With the objective of 300 000 tonnes of used textiles collected, sorted and recovered, sorting operators constitute the central link in the value chain.

“Sorting, the central link"

An operator is an operator of a used clothing, household linen and footwear sorting facility, all of which are collected separately. The operator meets the requirements of the accreditation specifications fixed by the eco-organisation.

Sorting constitutes the central link in the recovery chain: it's during this stage that the second life of the used textiles collected is decided. In the used textile industry, E.P.R is based on the capacity to reinforce textile recovery thanks to the sorting stage and its resulting outlets.

Textiles are sorted by sorting facilities with a view to being sold on:

— For reuse

— For recycling: garnetting of fibres and cutting textiles into cleaning cloths,

— For other forms of material recovery, Solid Recovered Fuel in particular.

Being officially approved enables you to:

- Be referenced in the national network.
- Be accompanied as regards improving sorting processes and innovative outlets.
- Be financially supported in your activity and its investments.

To be officially approved, a sorting operator must…

Comply with environmental protection regulations (ICPE in France).

Ensure the "upstream" (including collection) and "downstream" (including export) traceability of the tonnages treated.

Achieve the level of sorting performance defined by the authority approval: :

  • At least 90% of CHF waste must be the focus of material recovery (export, shop, recycling

  • At least 20% of CHF waste must be the focus of recycling (garnetting and / or cutting textiles into cleaning cloths)

  • 5% maximum of CHF waste can be the focus of disposal (landfill or incineration, without energy recovery).

Guarantee the financial transparency of its accounts as regards the eco-organisation.

For you, this involves conducting an initial assessment of these essential elements but please note that you will then be offered an eligiblity audit in order to validate, or not, your request for official approval in your capacity as a Sorting Operator, for your company.

If you meet all of the eligibility criteria, please fill in Appendix 1 and send it to

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