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The construction industry, a preferred sector for recycling used textiles and footwear

Refashion launches cross-industry projects to accelerate the integration of recycled materials from used textiles and footwear in the construction industry! 

At Refashion, we firmly believe in the power of cross-industry synergies. For this reason, we have embarked on an ambitious project to accelerate the integration of recycled materials from used textiles and footwear into the construction industry.


Why the building sector? 

A key sector in the ecological transition, the building industry has several characteristics that make it a fertile ground for ecological innovation: it requires a considerable quantity of materials and is more tolerant of the use of less pure materials, thus opening the door to innovative recycling solutions.

The relationship between the Building and Textiles sectors is driven by recycled cotton insulation, a solution that fits in perfectly with the sector's economic context. Indeed, biobased insulation is experiencing significant growth, with sales rising by 58% between 2016 and 2020 in France (source : AICB).

The use of recycled cotton insulation also offers a double advantage: it reduces the environmental impact of buildings, while helping to boost the made in France manufacturing industry.  

However, this sector offers many other possibilities, and new materials need to be invented to meet the needs of the construction industry. 


Structuring the Textile and Footwear Sector...

To maximize the use of recycled materials in the building industry, a number of challenges still need to be met, and Refashion is firmly committed to meeting them.  

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