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Discorver the 10 proposals by Refashion fo a 100% circular Textile sector ! 

28 Mar 2022
Life at Refashion

In the face of the climate emergency and the absolute need to lower the ecological impact of the Textile sector, Refashion acts, in the heart of this new mandate. With its 10 proposals, Refashion feeds the reflexion of public authorities in order to impulse the implementation of concrete measures which will accelerate the ecological transition.


These proposals are centered around 3 differents phases :

  • Production with the marketing of more sustainable products that are easier to recycle

  • Consumption by supportin transparency and consumer awareness

  • Regeneration in order to transform waste into new ressources thanks to an efficient and value creating recycling industry.

The action also aims to reach european level in order to create more impact of the taken measures.



10 proposals for a 100% circular Textile sector :



Proposal n°1 : Penalize brands that market products with a high environmental impact

Proposal n°2 : Make environmental labelling mandatory



Proposal n°3 : Better inform citizens to enable them to make enlightened consumption choices

Proposal n°4 : Encourage "citizen-collector" behavior



Proposal n°5 : Support the development of a sustainable recycling industry in France

Proposal n°6 : Favor industrial and territorial ecology initiatives

Proposal n°7 : Support the inclusion of materials from open-loop textile recycling



Proposal n°8 : Stop exporting used textiles outside of the Euopean Union

Proposal n°9 : Support the development of harmonized textile EPR at European level

Proposal n°10 : Campaign for ambitious legislation at European level


For more information, download our white paper which details all the proposals.


Together, let's act to accelerate the transition toward a 100% circular Textile sector !