Dare to eco-design

Re-think the entire life cycle of a product in order
to minimise its environmental impacts.

What is eco-design ?
From the very design stage of a process, good or service, eco-design aims to take account of the entire life cycle (production, manufacturing, transport, maintenance, end-of-life …) in order to minimise environmental impacts.

Eco-design also means ensuring that the performances of a product or a service are not degraded by reducing the environmental impacts. The service provided must be equivalent or superior.

Eco design

Refashion has created Eco design : the 1st platform which accompanies brand product teams in the eco-design of their textiles and footwear, whatever stage they are at in this field!

It is in the interests of textile and footwear brands to eco-design: minimising environmental impacts, financial savings, value creation, innovation factor, better brand image, … The objective of the Eco design platform is to respond to the problem of reducing waste whilst improving the durability and recyclability of textiles and footwear. So whether you're a circular economy expert or just curious to find out more about eco-design, the Eco design platform is designed for you!

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