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The 2022 Activity Report is finally available! 

We are proud to announce that the 2022 Activity Report is finally available!  

2022 was a year of new regulations for the Textiles, Household Linen and Footwear sector, but it was also a year of new projects and intensive consultation in preparation for the eco-organisation's new accreditation for the period 2023-2028. 

2022 in few figures:

  • 3.3 billion items put on the market, i.e. around 827,000 tonnes of textiles and footwear

  • 260,403 tonnes of used clothing, household linen and footwear collected at the 47,406 voluntary drop-off points under agreement with Refashion

  • 187,609 tonnes of textiles sorted 

Key figures for the Textile Sector in 2022


Rethinking production, reinventing consumption and regenerating materials are the strategic focuses of this new activity report. Discover it now in an animated version or download it directly.

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