Refashion launches the first Textile Race in France

Raising awareness among the young generation on textile recycling through the Textile Race

Collect as much textiles as possible. That is the challenge that 10 elementary schools have tried to meet to win the Textile Race 



Textile Race, what is that all about?

From 10th October to 17th November, 400 students from the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan area were united around the first competition of used textiles and shoes in France, initiated by Refashion in partnership with Race Against Waste and Provence TLC. 

The aim? To raise awareness among the young generation in a playful and educational way about the impact of the textile industry on the environment and to address issues such as the circular economy and the second life of used textiles through reuse and recycling.




The 10 participating schools


School Alderic Chave (Marignane) ; School Beausoleil (La Penne-sur-Huveaune) ; School Carestier (Marignane) ; School Centre L'estello (Saint-Savournin) ; School Du Cros (Eguilles) ; School Jean Moulin (Cadolive) ; School Leriche Mistral (Cassis) ; School Les Cadeneaux (Les Pennes-Mirabeau) ; School Pierre Brossolette (La Penne-sur-Huveaune) ; School Saint-Marie (Marignane).




Concretely, how was the competition organised? 

In order to try to win the race, the schoolchildren had to collect a maximum amount of used textiles and shoes. Once weighed and registered on the website, the quantities of textiles collected were deposited in the containers provided in the schools for the duration of the race. They were then emptied each week by the sorting operator partner, Provence TLC. 


Collecting, but at which price? 

In addition to the points awarded for each kilo of textiles collected, extra points were given to students participating in repair and customisation challenges. Bonus points were also given to schools that attracted the attention of local media. 

The winning prize was a school trip to the Natural History Museum in Marseille. 



Almost 18 tons of textiles were collected thanks to the schoolchildren! 

In total, there were 17,340 kilos of used textiles and shoes that were collected throughout the 4 weeks of competition. 




So, who won?

The elementary school Du Cros is the lucky winner of this first edition of the Textile Race in France, with 5,389 kilos of textiles collected. 

This Friday 18th November, we went to meet the schoolchildren of Du Cros school for the award ceremony, in the presence of Roland Mouren (3rd Vice-President of the Metropole, delegated to the waste reduction and treatment strategy).


To be continued... 

The first edition of the Textile Race on the French territory obtained very promising results. La première édition de la Textile Race sur le territoire français a obtenu des résultats très prometteurs. Larger-scale projects could be launched in the years to come.