The Refashion Week is being launched ! - -

The Refashion Week is being launched !

01 Oct 2021
Life at Refashion

A time for discussion and exchange led by the eco-organisation, the Refashion Week involves all the stakeholders in the Textile Industry: from manufacturers, through operators to citizens.

Several key events:

- The revealing of the OpinionWay study, conducted in 2021, about the French perception of the second life of textiles and shoes. We found out that 80% of French people declared to be concerned about environmental matters.

- The new edition of the #RRRR awareness campaign for Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, which is being deployed from 8 to 17 October on social media. Brands, recycling actors, repairers, and sorters, as well as some local authorities such as Paris and Perpignan, are involved in the campaign alongside the Refashion eco-organisation. To find out more, visit the page dedicated to the #RRR Campaign on the Refashion Citoyen website.

- The joyful initiative #FlambantVieux with the Anti_Fashion Project Association and youth mentoring by Mademoiselle Agnès, Katell Pouliquen, Maroussia Rebecq from Andrea Crews or Amah Ayivi from Marché Noir Lomé.

- On the 5th of October a professional day: the Refashion Day or how to accelerate change and progress in eco-design and recycling. You can still register for the live stream here.

Discover as well, the press release on the Refashion Week available on the Refashion Pro website

TOGETHER Let's commit and take the lead to, collectively, accelerate the transformation towards a 100% circular Textile Industry !