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New! Everything you need to know about the Brand Contributor logo

It's THE good news you don't want to miss! In 2023, Refashion is offering its member brands the opportunity to promote their compliance with the EPR law, thanks to the "Brand Contributor" logo.


What is a brand contributor?

Litterally, it's a brand that pays its eco-contribution.

Reminder:  the eco-contribution is in line with the EPR law (Extended Producer Responsibility), which consists of paying an amount to the referent eco-organization (in this case, Refashion) in order to take charge of the prevention and end-of-life management of products put on the market. In short, the more you sell, the more you eco-contribute to finance the development of a second or third life for your products.


Why should you use this logo? 

To highlight your compliance with this legal obligation, we now offer you a simple and recognizable tool: the Brand Contributor logo. 

In the current context of social and environmental awareness, this logo represents a convincing opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to textile waste management through eco-contribution. As a differentiator and a sign of confidence, the logo will enable you to assert your status as a contributing brand to your employees and customers.


How to use the logo? 

You can use the logo on your website, CSR page or even in your stores.

Bonus: the logo can be customized to match your brand identity!


What are the conditions of eligibility?

To be eligible to use the logo, you must meet 3 criteria: 

  • Have signed a contract with Refashion, 

  • Have declared the quantities put on the market (including retroactive declarations), 

  • Have paid your eco-contribution (including retroactive declarations)

You are eligible? Make a request by filling this form

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