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07 Dec 2020
Life at Refashion

Since 2007, the principle of EPR has applied to all companies selling clothing, household linen and footwear textiles on the consumer market in France. Eco TLC/Refashion is the Textile industry's eco-organisation.

Consequently, all clothing (including fabric sold per metre), household linen and footwear product marketers that have not put in place their own used product collection and treatment system for items they have placed on the market, approved by a joint order issued by ministers responsible for ecology and industry (Official Journal of December 27, 2006), are obliged to adhere to Eco TLC/Refashion in order to be freed of their obligation, and in keeping with regulations in force. The term "marketer" refers to the entity which manufactures or orders the manufacturing of items, the entity which imports or introduces products into the country or the licensed operating entity.