The eco-design meetings

The eco-design meetings

Refashion is launching workshops to raise awareness and accompany textile and footwear brands at the level of eco-design.

18 Nov 2020

Daring to eco-design upstream of the industry, by taking account of a product's life cycle in order to reduce its
environmental impacts
, equates to improving the durability and recyclability of products and therefore providing
a response to the issue of downstream waste reduction

This is the objective that Refashion has set itself by offering a service to help textile and footwear
brands to eco-design their products

In September 2020, Refashion launched Eco design : the 1st platform which helps brand product teams to eco-design textiles and footwear, whatever their level of experience in this domain. However the eco-organisation wants to take this initiative one step further and help its members to rise to this challenge thanks to digital awareness-raising and accompaniment workshops.


Beyond creating a community of eco-designers by enabling brands to meet up and exchange on the problems they encounter in putting in place initiatives such as eco-design, these workshops will permit :

  • awareness-raising among novices as regards the stakes of the circular economy and sustainable fashion in the wider sense;

  • the promotion and adoption of the Eco design platform. This tool must become an eco-design reference and the product brand teams must have the reflex to consult it during the textile and footwear creation stage.

  • the accompaniment of members with respect to specific problems : How can we reduce the environmental impacts of the textile ennobling process? How can we eco-design to improve recyclability ? How can we reduce and reuse unsold items ? etc..

  • The first awareness-raising workshop on the theme of sustainable production will be taking place on November 26. Click here to enrol !