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Environmental labelling: the latest news

Supported by the French Climate and Resilience Act, environmental labelling is an ambitious project aimed at informing consumers about the ecological impact of the products they buy, encouraging businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, and promoting more responsible consumption. Discover the latest news here.



French Ecolabelling

Developed by the General Commission for Sustainable Development, the French Ecolabelling aims to assess the environmental impact of products by taking into account their entire life cycle. This system is based on specific indicators and French databases.

The Ecobalyse tool, which calculates the environmental cost of products, went online at the end of March. The methodology presented is subject to consultation by marketers.

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Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules Apparel & Footwear

Meanwhile, a methodology for calculating apparel and footwear environmental impact is currently being developed by the Europen Commission. Known as the PEFCR A&F, it aims to enable greater products' comparability on a European Scale.

PEFCR is a European standard designed to harmonize methods for calculating products' environmental footprint. It has been put out to public consultation until April 28th, 2024.

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Key dates

  • Early June: consultation on French Ecolabelling texts

  • June: new stakeholder committee for French Ecolabelling

  • End of July: notification of the complete French Ecolabelling framework

  • End 2024: publication of French Ecolabelling texts


Update: May, 31st 2024