Discover the replays of the Refashion Day 2022 - -


Discover the replays of the Refashion Day 2022

On October 4th, the eco-organism Refashion hosted the second edition of the Re_fashion Day, a 100% digital day as part of the Circular Week 2022 !


In a context of profound upheavals, the circular economy, which was struggling to establish itself as a global priority, has become a vital emergency. To encourage the implementation of concrete measures that will accelerate the ecological transition, Refashion, the eco-organism of the Textile industry, was pleased to host the second edition of the Re_fashion Day, a 100% digital event as part of the Circular Week 2022.


Co-organized with WE DEMAIN, this day of exchanges and debates was fuelled by committed speakers, representatives of the textile sector and industrial companies, as well as sociologists and artists.

By articulating the event around three themes: eco-design, regeneration and consumption, Refashion enabled to take stock of the initiatives and actors who are working to reinvent a model of environmental, economic, and social equilibrium in the sector.


What was on the agenda for the Refashion Day 2022?

Opened by Maud Hardy, General Manager of Refashion, and Jean Viard, sociologist and ambassador of the day, the Refashion Day will be split into three main sessions: 

Session 1: Regeneration (10am - 11:45am)

Transformation of heavy industries, good industrial recycling practices, or the energetic crisis, our speakers (Eric Bergé, Eloi Choplin, François Bonnifet...) helped us to better understand how recycling works and the environmental and economic stakes of textile industry waste.

Session 2: Eco-design (1:30pm - 3:15pm)

During round tables led by Léa Marie, Production Manager at Le Slip Français, Thomas Huriez, Founder of 1083, and Anne-Céline Humeau, CEO of Beauprès, this session highlighted the need to rethink the manufacturing process transversally. 

Session 3: Consumption (4pm - 5:40pm)

Jean-Laurent Cassely, Julia Faure, Marianne Gybels and many others addressed sobriety, deconsumerism, and emotional sustainability. This session sought to raise awareness and put the consumer back at the heart of the discussion while emancipating him/ her from the guilt-tripping discourse. 


A rich programme for this second edition of the Refashion Day, with inspiring and sometimes controversial themes that helped shape the future of a society driven by sobriety and the implementation of more ethical and sustainable business practices. 


Discover the details of the Re_fashion Day schedule and the list of speakers on our website.


You've missed the Refashion or you simply want to rewatch the talks with our guest speakers? You can already watch the Refashion Day replays, in English version, on our YouTube channel!