Unique Identification Number (UID): how to get it?

Unique Identification Number (UID),
how to get it?

The Unique Identification Number: what is it? When and how to get it?


What is it?

The Unique Identification Number (UID) is a proof for producers that they are registered with the eco-organisation and up to date with their eco-contributions, as required by law (French environmental Code Articles L541-10 to L541-10-17). The UID is used to facilitate the monitoring and control of compliance with the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) obligations incumbent on producers.

The UID is valid for 1 year and is renewed every year. It must appear on your general terms and conditions and all contractual documents.

This obligation comes into effect on January 1, 2022 (Law n° 2020-105 of February 10, 2020 against waste and for the circular economy).


When and how to get it?

The generation of Unique Identification Numbers (UID) will start from 03/01/2022 and will be available within 48 hours after registration in SYDEREP (Declarative system for EPR sectors).

The registration of the producer in SYDEREP is carried out by the eco-organisation only, no action by the producer is necessary.

Once the registration is completed, the eco-organisation will provide the UID to its members who have paid their contributions.


Is there a penalty procedure in case of cancellation of the unique identification number?

Yes, the eco-organisation will ask to cancel the UID, for all producers who no longer comply with their legal obligations, declaration and payment of the eco-contribution, and will be subject to the sanctions stipulated in Article L. 541-9-5 of the French Environmental Code.


If you are still not a member of the eco-organisation Refashion

You must quickly register here and follow the procedure that will be indicated to you.


Special case of marketplaces

The marketplace assumes the status of producer on behalf of its third-party sellers, except for the third-party sellers who communicate their UID number to it.